Hellcat Performance Pack 2 2015 – 2017


Hellcat Performance Pack 2

HP Tuners RTD + Credits

PCM Unlock (Option for new PCM)

FIC 1000s

Grip Tech 2.85

JMS Single PNP Bap (Not incluched with the e85 option as dual pumps are included instead)


Engine Tune

Transmission Tune (if automatic)

 91 or 93 octane fuel

E85 tune will be around 75hp more

This is a remote tune + parts

We do not like to advertise gains because of some limitations in the factory tune that can very stock hp from pull to pull. There is a very noticeable gain from this package.

Estimated gain is 90 to 115 hp

On average we see times in the low 10 second range on 93

Warning on some cars and high mileage cars we need to add a BAP or Dual Pumps on pump gas

Free Shipping to continental US


Manual, Automatic

Change to Litens 2.85

No +0, Yes +400

Additional E85 or Flex Tune

No +0, Yes+1670