HHP Racing Plug & Play Dual Pump Walbro 525LPH Returnless Fuel System


Plug and Play for 15-Current Challenger & Charger SRT Hellcat

HHP designed and engineered this kit and have secretly been using it since early 2016 on the fastest Hellcats in the world! Superb for pump and race gas setups and track proven many times over on low 9 and 8 second Hellcats.

HHP Horsepower Ratings:

1600 BHP / 1300 RWHP on Gas (Pump & Race Fuels)

1100 BHP / 950 RWHP on Ethanol Fuels (E85, C85, E98, Ignite, etc.)

Kit includes:

  • Dual Walbro HELLCAT 525LPH F90000285 Fuel Pumps
  • Fore Innovations Hellcat Fuel Hat Assembly Modified For Returnless Operation
  • All Plug & Play Wiring Harness For Pumps & Controllers
  • All Necessary Fuses & Relays
  • Fuel Pump Variable Pressure Controller
  • Instructions for easy installation

Installation Time: approx. 3 Hours