Redeye – Demon Performance Pack 1


Redeye – Demon Performance Pack 1 – 91 or 93 Octane

This pack is everything you need to tune your Redeye, Demon or Superstock

HP Tuners RTD + Credits

HP Tuners Smart Access Cable

PCM Unlock (Option for new PCM)

Engine Tune

This is a remote tune


The stock dual pump on this platform can handle e85. The only thing in the fuel system that needs upgraded is the injectors. e85 will be a 50 to 75hp increase over pump gas. We have had customers run mid 9s stock boost. This will upgrade to a 93 and e85 tune. Upgrade to e85 includes FIC 1200s.

We do not like to advertise gains because of some limitations in the factory tune that can very stock hp from pull to pull. There is a very noticeable gain from this package

Estimated gain 50hp+

Free Shipping to continental US

e85 upgrade

no+0, Yes+1600

New Unlocked PCM (standard unlock is included with the bundle)

no+0, Yes +899.99