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8hp90 Transmission Refresh

8hp90 Transmission Refresh

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The stock 8HP 90 with factory clutches and a good trans tune can handle really good power. We have decided to offer a refresh service with an option of a Billet Drum and increased clutch capacity. There is also an option to upgrade to GPZ clutches for a more race focused transmission.

This service is for people who are pushing on the car and just want to refresh clutches or add the billet drum and add strength and what the transmission can handle. 


Disassemble Clean 
Includes separator plate needed to strip and clean valve body. Pump bolt and seal kit (PT#68419200AA). Replace pan bolts with steel 10mm head bolts and new filter.


  • Stock upgraded with billet E-drum and increased clutch capacity OEM frictions 
  • Refresh with billet E-drum and GPZ upgraded frictions, increased capacity.
  • Removal and Install

Can be prefilled for 150 extra 



Disclaimer: This is intended for transmissions that have less then 30k miles on them. If you are in need of a full rebuild please see the 8hpxtreme transmission that is a complete rebuild of the transmission. If there are any questions about this disclaimer contact us before ordering.